Our Cream Sauces

TOMATO ALFREDO Our twist on an Italian classic adding tomato fillets.

SHRIMP & SCALLOP CARBONARA A classic carbonara sauce with eggs, cream, and pecorino Romano  cheese.   Our  version  adds  lots  of  bay  scallops and shrimp pieces.

SMOKED  SALMON  Chunks  of  smoked  salmon  flavor this cream sauce of fresh spinach, sliced mushrooms and tomato fillets.

CHIPOTLE & TOMATO A bit spicy with sliced chipotle  chilies  and  powder  with  a  bit  of  fresh  basil.

SHIITAKE & SUN DRIED TOMATO A twist on Marsala sauce with shiitake mushrooms and the heat of cayenne pepper.

WILD MUSHROOM & PROSCUITTO Another Marsala  twist  with  button,  Crimini  and  oyster  mushrooms.

SPINACH  &  PROSCUITTO   A  mild  sauce  with  lots  of fresh sage and spinach.

ARTICHOKE & GORGONZOLA A long time favorite with sun dried tomatoes and gorgonzola cheese folded into the sauce.