Our Red Sauces

ROASTED  GARLIC  ROSA   A  simple  tomato  sauce  that packs a lot of flavor. Sautéed onions are folded together with roasted garlic puree, oregano and whole roasted garlic cloves.

TOMATO BASIL Plump pear tomatoes with lots of fresh basil and a touch of garlic and onions.

ITALIAN SAUSAGE CREOLE A sister sauce to Arrabbiatta. A little less hot, and contains Italian sausage and fresh sage. It also has lots of green and red peppers.

TOMATO BALSAMIC This sauce begins with onions being caramelized together with imported balsamic  vinegar.   We  then  add  tomatoes  and  freshly chopped basil. After the sauce cools, crumbled Gorgonzola cheese is added.

PUTTANESCA  Our  version  is  a  little  milder  than  others , but still packs a little heat. Ingredients include:
Imported  capers  plus  Kalamata  olives  along with one secret ingredient.

VOLARE  MUSHROOM  TRIO   A  rich  tomato  sauce  with shiitake, crimini and button mushrooms. It is seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and oregano. Then  pecorino  romano  and  a  touch  of  cream  is  added.

ARRABBIATTA  The  name  for  the  Italian  word  meaning fire or angry. This sauce contains fresh green  and  red  peppers,
shiitake  and  button  mushrooms, fennel seed, onions, and lots of crushed red cayenne and black pepper.